TV mode is a special UI mode optimized for viewing the content on a big screen such as an office TV.

Quick setup

On your computer, open Screenful web app.
In the top right, click Settings Menu (☰).
Click Dashboards Settings (⚙).
Under TV MODE tab, choose your viewing preferences (color theme and rotation settings)
Click SWITCH TO TV MODE to start using the TV mode

Clicking any part of the UI exits the TV mode.

In TV mode, excess UI elements are removed, and the screen title and the board name are shown in a more visible font. That way, the UI will be more readable from a distance. Auto-rotation is turned on so that a screen will automatically switch to another on a set interval (once per minute by default). You can change the interval at the account settings:

After activating the TV mode, make sure to switch your browser to fullscreen or presentation mode so that the browser address bar gets hidden too.

Constructing a share link

You can create a public share link to your dashboard. It is a link that allows anyone to access the dashboard in a read-only mode without having to log in.

This link can then be easily entered into the device attached to the screen (such as Asus Chromebit), or configured to a digital signage system.

You can launch Screenful directly to TV mode by adding the parameter ?mode=tv at the end of the URL.

Overriding the account settings with URL parameters

If you want to use different settings in the TV mode vs the normal mode, you can add URL parameters to the share link:

- theme=blue/darkblue/black
- interval=x (where x is the number of seconds between rotation)

Learn more

- Notice that the TV-mode link is not available when you’re running the dashboard inside the Trello or Jira UI. To switch to TV mode, log in to the web app first.
- How to set up dashboard on a TV screen?
- Step by step guide for setting up the hardware for a TV dashboard

Related questions

Can I rotate multiple projects or dashboards in a single TV screen?

Yes, you just have to first consolidate all of them into one dashboard that you can then put on rotation on a single dashboard.

Can I include my own content to the rotation?

You can rotate your own content along with Screenful dashboard by using a digital signage software such as ScreenCloud or truDigital.

What hardware would you recommend when using Screenful in big monitor / office TV?

You can use any hardware that runs a modern web browser. We recommend using the Asus Chromebit, which can run the Chrome browser in full-screen mode without interruption.

Notice that some built-in browsers in TVs may not render content properly.

What is the recommended colour theme when using TV mode?

We recommend using either Black or Dark Blue. You can select colour theme in Account ► Settings.

Is there a way to specify the frequency of rotation in TV mode?

Yes, you can do so under the Account ► Settings tab.

Alternatively, you can use an URL parameter interval to set the frequency. The value is in seconds. For example parameters ?mode=tv&interval=60 rotates screens every 60 seconds.

Can I create a direct link so that I can skip the login screen?

You can skip the login screen by constructing a shareable link to your dashboard.

You can launch Screenful directly to TV mode by adding the parameter mode=tv in the end of the URL

My share link was disabled, can I activate it again?

Notice that if you disable a share link, it will be disabled permanently. If you enable sharing again, a new share link is always generated and all previous links generated by the same user remain disabled. If you have configured the share link to be used in the TV screen, you’ll have to update that link.
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