The browser is what you use to access Trello on your Mac or PC (and maybe your phone). This includes Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Because all browsers are different, sometimes you might experience quirks in Trello because of the browser you are using. This article will help you troubleshoot those quirks.

1. Try reauthorising the Power-Up.

Click on the Power-Up in Trello main menu.
Select Remove Personal Settings.
Click Clear Data.
Click Board button and authorize the Power-UP.
See if your issue is resolved.

2. Make sure you are using supported software.

Trello can't support every version of every browser, so it helps to make sure you're using one that's supported and tested by Trello.

Next, try logging into Trello in the following ways to see if you can reproduce the issue you are having:

Disable all extensions and customisations in your current browser
Use a private/incognito browsing tab
Try using a different browser on the same computer
Try using a different computer
Allow cookies from third party sites in case you're running into any issues with linking to GoogleDrive or Dropbox

3. Clear your web browser's cache

If you can't get another browser to try, we'll need you to clear your cache and check for errors. Here are simple instructions on how to do that:

Instructions for Firefox
Instructions for Chrome (You only need to check "Empty the cache" and "Clear data from hosted apps".)

4. Check for console log errors and send them to us

If nothing above helps, in Edge, Firefox, or Chrome you can check for errors with the Error Console. 

To do that, open the board in question and use:

On Windows:
F12 in Edge and go to the 'console' tab.
ctrl + shift + J in Firefox or Chrome for Windows.

On macOS:
command + option + J in Chrome
command + shift + J in Firefox

You can copy any errors you see there, or take a screenshot and send it to us.
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